State Senator Seeks Audit Of The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority Regarding Turnpike Expansion

Thursday, April 21st 2022, 7:44 am

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

There are new developments in the fight against the turnpike expansion proposal in Cleveland County.

Norman State Senator Mary Boren is now calling for an audit of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, and she believes lawmakers will support this resolution as the Republican Party calls for a moratorium on building new turnpikes until the other ones are paid off.

"We have a value system statewide that is bipartisan to not just continue to build toll roads until we have a plan to pay off the ones we've already built," said Democratic Senator Mary Boren.

According to the Norman Transcript, the resolution written by Senator Boren would audit the turnpike bond payoff schedule, which could lead to toll roads becoming free.

After that they would then be given to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, according to state law.

The governor would not have to sign this resolution.

This audit would have to be performed before December 1st of 2022, and then the audit would be given to the governor and other state leaders.

Happening Thursday night, the OTA is hosting its last public meeting for the week on this proposed expansion in Cleveland County.

It will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Moore Library.

While there has been a lot of push back, OTA says their set plans likely will not change.