News 9 Debuts Bob Mills Weather Center

Monday, May 6th 2019, 1:11 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma has some of the most dramatic weather anywhere. And it can turn on a dime. When you live here – you know what we mean. Everyone in our locally-owned company has experienced it firsthand and understands how important the best weather information is to keeping people safe.

And that’s why Chief Meteorologist David Payne and his team are outfitted with the latest technology for receiving data so they can track storms, and communicate with those in the field. The Bob Mills’ Weather Center is equipped with the most advanced radar technology around – the biggest, most powerful, most sophisticated radar you can find in any television station - NextGen Live. 

In addition to NextGen Live, David Payne and his team can access several other radars and tools, include technology that allows them to show specific times that storms will arrive at specific towns or even streets.

Communication with the largest, most experienced team of trackers is critical. And showing the images they are gathering – along with Jim Gardner’s stunning images from Bob Mills’ SkyNews 9 is important to everyone’s safety. The Bob Mills’ Weather Center creates this link, allowing David to bring in this vital information from the field.

To bring you the best weather service, the Oklahoma Weather Experts need the best tools to do the job.  And the one locally-owned station has made that investment in your safety. The Bob Mills’ Weather Center – second to none.