Weather is such a huge part of life in Oklahoma and we want your kids to know how to be safe when storms roll through.

That's why we've teamed up to bring you a VIRTUAL Wild Weather Camp! Join Chief Meteorologist David Payne and the News 9 Weather Team to learn about the different types of severe weather in our state and what to do when it happens.

Click on a video below to get started!


Let's start with a behind-the-scenes look at the News 9 Weather Center where you'll meet our team of meteorologists!

Weather Basics

Oklahoma is known for its wild weather, but do you know why we get so much severe weather?


Learn about the dangers of flooding and how to stay safe when it happens.


Let's talk lightning! We'll explain the science behind it and what you need to know to stay safe. Plus, we'll create it in our studio!


What is a tornado? How does one form? We'll answer those questions and even make one in our studio!