Gardening Experts Give Advice To Start The New Year

Wednesday, January 5th 2022, 9:05 am

As we prepare for another dive into freezing temperatures, now is the time to start watering all your plants and shrubs.

"It's harder for them to go into the lower temperatures without having any water," said Julia Laughlin, a Horticulture Educator with Oklahoma County Extension.

We are also experiencing drought-like conditions, along with coming out of the winter storm of 2021, so there is so much to get done to prepare your garden this year. 

"This is a time to look hard at those trees and shrubs and remove any dead wood or anything that you didn't get rid of last year," said Laughlin.

If you are considering digging and moving a plant from one spot to another in the landscape, now is the time to jump on this.

Also, looking at your indoor plants, if you do not want to throw out your poinsettias quite yet, try giving them a second life.

"Once those red-looking leaves fall, just cut it back about a third and get rid of the top and put it in a sunny window," said Laughlin. 

Once it hits spring and summer, you can grow it outside to bring it back in for the fall. 

If you have any other house plants, make sure to always dust off their leaves so they can collect more light.