Day 9 Of Many Oklahomans Living Without Power

Wednesday, November 4th 2020, 6:49 pm
By: Tevis Hillis

Nearly 99,000 Oklahomans are heading into day 10 without electricity after last week's historic ice storm.

Crews from across America are in the state working as fast as possible to get everyone's power restored, but those without power would like to get back to normal life.

"It is just every day there are other things we have to pay for and try to take care of," said Jamie Brewster, one of the many Oklahoma's still without power.

"We'll make it. It's tough, but a lot of people have it a lot tougher," said Donald Bell, another Oklahoman without power.

Brewster lives near Penn and Northwest Expressway. She said this power outage is costing her family.

"The hotel is $100 every night. Then we will have this expense. We will have a tree service expense. We are getting all the trees out of the way. Our tree in the backyard is a disaster," said Brewster. 

For her neighbor down the street, Bell said he is willing to deal without electricity, but his concerns rise at night.

"It gets very dark. So that is a problem for us. We would like to have it lit up enough where it feels safe," said Bell. 

David Kimmel, with OG&E said about 4,000 crew members are working around the clock to get the issues fixed, but they say they are seeing 40% more storm damage than usual.

Kimmel said that some of the work left to be done has to start with the customer getting an electrician or a tree trimmer out.

"If it is the service line between the power pole and the house or if it deals with the meter base or the weather head, then yes, that is the customer's responsibility," said Kimmel. 

A glimpse of hope came to the Brewster family Wednesday.  

"We got an electrician to come out because our electricity was pulled out from the house. So, it has to be reattached to the house," said Brewster.

OG&E said this is the work that takes time to get fixed, but they are still hoping to have everyone's power restored by Friday night.