Red Dirt Diaries: Jurassic Undertaking

Friday, July 17th 2020, 3:47 pm
By: Karl Torp

A Jurassic undertaking is almost completed in Yukon.

The giant 65-foot-long dinosaur on Interstate 35 out front of the now closed Statuary World has been moved.

The dinosaur was first installed in 1996.

“It’s quirky and we thought it is right up our alley,” said Lyle Jameson, owner of Jameson’s Discount Home Improvement Warehouse stores in the metro.

The around 27-foot-tall brachiosaurs now sits outside of the Jameson’s stores in Yukon along I-40.

“It’s an attention getter and that’s all well and good but people love this thing, it’s been here for so long,” said Jameson, who paid $5,000 at auction for the dinosaur.

On Friday, the long neck had to be cut from the fiberglass dyno in order to load the statue on to a trailer.

Roughly an hour later, the dinosaur had reached its new home and was being anchored into place.

“If we can take the next step or two and have it for another 25 years it’s going to be a good idea,” added Jameson who plans to patch and repaint the dinosaur.