Monday Morning QBs git 'er done in OU romp over FSU

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:26 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Sep 13, 2010 11:24 AM CDT

Monday morning QBs are supposed to do what? Second guess.  Hash and rehash what the weekend warriors did wrong and what they need to do to fix it.  No discrimination here. Man, woman or child. OReilly or Olberman. Genius or dunce. Start griping and you’re in our group. No prob.

No money back guarantee because no dues necessary.  Jump aboard. Yes, you can sound smart, no matter the IQ. Just as long as you give us a lifetime commitment  to critique and criticize. Just as long as you commit to proclaiming your newfound brilliance with a member nearest you. 

 Many a QB and tackle, a safety or punter,  a ball boy or captain,  has at some point  been  the bane of this group, chock full high standards. Many a coach has been dog-cussed and fired by sunup Mondays. Astue members know their X’s and O’s, by golly.

 Yea, pink-slipped at the water cooler, a popular hangout with the eight-to- fivers. And yes,  the highbrow  ten to three-ers. You know that kind. It’s noon and they take their morning stretch and say, “toosh, sun up already?”The phony baloneys  who after a tedious four hour workday head to the nearest watering hole. Kick back at 4, just in time for Happy Hour. Time to start gittin’ ‘er done.

I’m not criticizing. Because although not the born-on-thrid base kind, I’ve been a lifetime card carrying MMQB member. And, best of all, I get paid for it. I may fit into that journalistic bunch of cohorts of mine who act like we are each a Rhodes Scholar marvel of the M MQB Club.

Just give us a mic, a recorder or keyboard.  We’ll teach you.  At least we think we will.  In reality, we’ve got a lot of guys and gals who are dumber than a box or rocks. Have less insight than the drunk on Reno. Don’t know the difference from come here and sick’em. 

Anyway, the reason for the lengthy intro is a result of a pair of exhibits created with the work from the  boys in crimson and cream.  Exhibit 1: OU 31-24 over lowly Utah State. Exhibit 2: OU 47 and No. 15 Florida State 17 (or as a vast majority of our club members claim the score to be 47-10, discounting the long scoring play by the Seminoles as time expired. Those members decided that this week the game ended one play before the full sixty was played. But THAT’S one of the beauties of being a MMQB! 

Incidentally, here’s one for you. I have it on good authority that FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher apologized to Bob Stoops during the post-game handshake for scoring on the last play. In typical Stoops fashion, the Youngstowon native told Fisher that there was no need for apology. That’s football. Said he’d do the same thing. And I couldn’t agree more.

Well, that’s about it. There’s nothing really to bitch and moan about. QB? Very nice. Got some zip after all. OLine?  Much improved with lots of po. WR (and the discovery of the long lost TE)? Encouragingly good. DL? Good pressure. LBs? An oskie plus some and shock and awe hitting. Secondary? Was that really them? Same guys how looked like the Keystone Cops seven days ago? They looked as good as Stoops has said.

 Snapper & holder? The ones who go unnoticed until a flub in a big game. They were sound. Place kicker?  Betteralthough missing an extra point and a short field goal and still getting a “better” grade tells you the sad expectation of one Patty O’Hara. Punter?  One of the best. Cover units? Overlooked, but supremely important and supremely good.

Coaching? 47-17 tells it all (47-10 to club members only).

Finally, it’s a perfect week to grade yourself? For all MMQBs in attendance, pencil in an A+. Because MMQBs  know that without question, that 32-game home-winning streak would be impossible if not  for your club. If not for you attendance; your dedication; and your commitment to fix all the problems. What a difference a week makes.

So tally ho! Give yourself a pat on the back. Enjoy the respite. High five. Low five. Fist bump.Toss down a couple of O’Doul’s. Or some Colorado Rocky Mountain drinking fluid. Git ‘er down your neck. 

Job well down last week. Now that’s what can happen if you get to work after a 31-24.  But be ready to go back to work. But buyer beware.  I’m afraid that you’ll be back in business next Monday. Your boys will beat Air Force. But not by enough to satisfy the MMQBs.

Until next week.yours very truly, DMB