Cyril Park Closed After ‘Very Large’ Spill From Drill Fluid Plant, Vandalism Suspected

Tuesday, July 5th 2022, 9:22 pm

CYRIL, Oklahoma -

Caddo County deputies suspect someone broke into Stellar Drilling Fluid and leaked thousands of barrels worth of petroleum-based fluid.  

Matt Skinner with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission said 5,910 barrels, or 248,220 gallons, of the fluid leaked from the plant overnight Tuesday. Diesel fuel is a prominent ingredient in the fluid.  

“It is a very large spill, and it is made more complicated by the fact that it occurred within city limits and its impacting... some portions of city property,” Skinner said.  

The town of Cyril announced on its Facebook page that Keechi Trail and park “will be permanently closed until further notice” because of contamination.  

The fluid got into the park's recreational ponds, which are used for public fishing.  

“I see it running down the hill over there. I know it got to the water. It's bad,” said Shawn Ream, a longtime Cyril resident. “We just lost a whole park because of it.”  

Stellar Drilling Fluid did not respond to messages left at their Oklahoma and Texas headquarters.  

Skinner said the company told the OCC a person caused the leak after breaking into their facility. “The company says the chain-link fence surrounding the fence had been cut, and valves were opened up to discharge the fluid,” he said.  

“The fence was definitely cut,” said Deputy Jared Martinez. He said the agency will review security camera footage at the facility later this week. No suspect information was available Tuesday afternoon.  

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is investigating the spill, Skinner and Martinez said. A spokesperson for the state agency did not return a request for comment Tuesday.