New Report Looks At First-Year Impacts Of Medicaid Expansion In Oklahoma

Friday, July 1st 2022, 7:18 am


The Oklahoma Policy Institute said the Medicaid expansion is closing the gap of those without insurance.

Anyone 19 to 65 who make less than about $18,000 a year can qualify for insurance.

In the report by the institute, they look at the direct impacts this has had on Oklahomans. More than 280,000 Oklahomans now have insurance. 

The uninsured rate of Oklahomans has decreased from 14.4% to just under 10%.

The study continues to touch on marginalized communities for Black Oklahomans. The number of uninsured has been cut by half.

But organization leaders add that this expansion and opportunity to get Oklahoman’s health insurance will continue to benefit this state.

“We are still in the bottom half of states for the uninsured rate, but before Medicaid expansion, we were the second-highest. Only Texas had a higher rate,” said Revenue Policy Analyst Emma Morris.

Leaders from this organization said there are still coverage gaps for pregnant and postpartum women in particular.

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