Devon Tower Climber Speaks Out After Scaling Building Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, June 14th 2022, 10:33 pm


The man who put Oklahoma City in the national spotlight Tuesday by free climbing the Devon Tower is speaking out. The so-called pro-life Spiderman is out of jail and explaining himself. 

23-year-old Maison Des Champs tells News 9 this isn't the first time he's scaled the top of a large building like this. He says it's to raise awareness and protest abortions throughout the country. 

"I think this is my way of sort of using like God's gift to help others," said Des Champs. 

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The Devon Tower stands at 844-feet tall with 52 total floors. However, this wasn't Des Champs' first rodeo. 

Just a month ago, he was arrested for climbing San Fransisco's 1,000 foot "Sales-Force Tower". He was also arrested on top of the 721-foot "New York Times" building in Manhattan, hanging 2 banners along the way. 

"Abortion is a continuation really of the holocaust," said Des Champs. "They've killed like 60-million babies so far and I think that's just horrible." 

His goal is to raise $1 million for Pro-Life charities.  

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This morning's climb was to raise awareness and assist a mother in need of an option besides abortion. 

Several people were inside the building during his ascent. One woman telling News 9 she was on the 50th floor and left in complete shock. 

"They had the whole street blocked off and police were out there, the ambulances were out there," said Chantelle Blanton, a witness. "We were thinking well maybe they have something if he falls off the building. They'll have something to catch him. We just really weren't sure." 

Once Des Champs got to the top of the building, he was arrested. He says he's not sure where or when his next climb will take place.