Watch: Springtime Gardening Tips From HGTV Gardening Star Paul James

Thursday, April 21st 2022, 3:31 pm

We're a month into spring and flowers are blooming. Former HGTV star Paul James, “The Gardener Guy,” said green thumbs now have the green light.

At Southwood Landscape and Garden Center, you’ll find flowers and plants of all shapes, colors, and sizes. This season is about growing and blooming because it's prime planting season.

James said soil and air temperatures are favorable for gardening. Plus, this season's rain helps to soak up the spring.

"Gardeners all over Green Country have been waiting for the all-clear signal to go ahead and start planting. And I think we're there,” James said.

James said if you've been waiting to plant warm season vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, or egg plants, now is the time. On the ornamental side, from trees to shrubs annual flowers to perennials, roses to tropicals, James said you can plant anything.

If you're planning on potting your plants or planting in your garden, he suggests fertilizer to give them a boost. He said water well and use plenty of mulch, since it holds moisture and stabilizes soil temperature.

You can get flowers for sun or shade, and James says the annuals thrive in Oklahoma. "I have to say as a gardener, spring is my favorite time of the year because there's just so much to observe and so much to appreciate, so much to smell, not just look at, but smell. The smells of spring are fantastic,” James said.

Spring is a time of growth and change for plants and people.