South OKC Apartment Owners Behind On Bills, Residents Left Without Hot Water

Tuesday, April 5th 2022, 9:30 pm


Residents of Creekside Apartments in South Oklahoma City say they are living in decrepit conditions as bills pile up for the property owner.  

Michael Milligan, Henry Roche and four other residents who requested anonymity spoke with News 9 about the conditions at Creekside. They said they have been without hot water for several weeks, and the electricity suddenly cut out Tuesday morning.  

The power was restored Tuesday evening after News 9 contacted the property owner, Capital Homes Investments LLC, a company based in Salinas, California.  

Roche, a 66-year-old disabled veteran living on social security, said the utilities have been inconsistent at Creekside since he moved in just over a year ago.  

“The second day I was in my apartment, (parts of) the ceiling fell in on my tub. Guess who fixed it? Me with a broken back. I went and fixed my own stuff,” Roche said.  

Roche said the hot water has been out for about three weeks. He and other residents said the complex’s air conditioning and central heat have not been working, as well.  

“I want a safe place to live and have running hot water,” Roche said.  

Jose Belman, CEO of Capital Homes Investments, told News 9 in a phone call Tuesday afternoon that he would send a statement responding to the complaints. As of Tuesday evening, News 9 has not received a statement or any other form of response from Belman or associated counsel.  

County records show Capital Homes Investments has created a record of not paying bills since it purchased the property in 2019. Creekside is the only property the company owns outside of California, according to its website.  

In February, Jackson Mechanical Service in Oklahoma City filed a mechanic’s lien against the property for failure to pay for more than $48,000 in repairs, which were focused on the facility’s heating and cooling systems.  

An employee with Jackson Mechanical Service said Capital Homes Investments stopped taking their calls regarding payment in February.  

Last month, the Oklahoma City government filed a notice of lien on the property for trash collection that cost the city $2,900. The city will file a lien if Capital Homes Investments does not pay by April 22.  

“Our rent’s been paid, but these guys forget to pay theirs I guess, or pay the bills,” Roche said.