Healthcare Heroes: Kelly Ogle Delivers Lunch To Mercy Hospital

Thursday, February 10th 2022, 9:51 pm
By: News 9


News 9 is continuing to thank and, with the help of Chick-Fil-A, feed all those healthcare workers who have been through so much during these past two years.

Thursday afternoon, Kelly Ogle and our crew stopped by Mercy Hospital. 

Armed with 1,300 Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, our mission, serve up a little lunch and a lot of gratitude. 

“It’s so nice to just have some appreciation and honestly lunch is a great way to say that,” said Samantha Eversoll, an ER nurse. “We’re jam-packed. All our rooms are full. People in the waiting room. I personally have a few holds that I’m waiting for, that I have been waiting for for about 24 hours now.”

More patients, with less nurses presents a physical toll. There's also an emotional one as family often isn't allowed in the hospital and these nurses must serve that role too. 

“I just talked to a family member, just wanted to get a quick message to their family and just something as simple as that can let them know they aren’t here alone and that someone is at home waiting for them,” said Eversoll. 

Workers here say even a little gesture can go a long way in letting these heroes know they are appreciated. 

“Gratitude is the Number 1 piece,” said VP of Operations Zack Dawson. “At the end of the day healthcare providers is sometimes a thankless job and these types of moments are truly an inspiration in that commitment. It refills their cup if you will of reminding them that their services are appreciated despite those difficult times.” 

Kelly even got to say a personal special thank you to the NICU nurses who took care of his granddaughter this winter.                

Dawson said members of the community have dropped off cards and other gestures of appreciation. But he also said a little bit of grace can also go a long way. 

“Understanding that trying to serve with less co-workers more patients, that additional 10-minute wait sometimes the patients’ appreciation through those hard times means the world to them,” said Dawson.  

With COVID cases on the decline they're all hoping those hard times are coming to an end. But our appreciation of these healthcare heroes will not.