'Sky Crew' Takes Customer Service To Super Hero Levels

Thursday, December 10th 2020, 6:32 pm
By: News 9


The employees at the True Sky Credit union: bankers by day. But when duty calls, they become the Sky Crew, everyday heroes preforming various acts of kindness across the community.

So within 24 hours after that now infamous Thunder game, the crew jumped into action.

“We were just letting them know we are here for them. We understood they were afraid, you know, to get out because this was something new,” said True Sky employee Rosibel Campbell.

The crew started calling all their customers ages 60 and up to see if they needed anything. Seriously...anything.

“They needed us to have groceries delivered or help get a veterinary visit for one of their pets,” said VP of Marketing Jon Skelly.

Whatever and wherever it was.

“We’ve had groceries delivered in Atlanta and Chicago and Germany,” said Skelly.

The Sky Crew tried to make it happen.

“Some members, they needed bathroom tissue. I know that was provided to them also,” said Campbell.

But often it was more than that.

“They were so happy to hear from us, just to have someone to talk to,” said Campbell.

Since the pandemic started, True Sky employees have reached out to nearly 20,000 customers, providing a much needed connection on both ends of the line.

“A lot of them end up in tears on both sides of the phone because people are moved by just having these human moments in some circumstances that can really be challenging,” said Skelly.

“You couldn’t help but feel that way you know,” added Campbell.