Tulsa Airbnb Highlights Black Culture & History Of Greenwood

Tuesday, February 1st 2022, 9:58 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A new Airbnb in Tulsa has a special feature.

Everything inside it aims to highlight Black culture and history.

It’s called Suite Dreams and the owners said the space allows guest to honor the history and neighborhood of Greenwood & Black Wall Street.

“Every single room in this space has something in it that they could learn or something new that they didn’t know about,” said Bianca Caampued, Co-Founder of Suite Dreams.

Sofia Noshay and Bianca Caampued dreamed of creating an immersive Airbnb experience that honors the diverse and rich backgrounds of the neighborhood.

They’ve made it a point to promote and invest in Black-owned businesses by showcasing both local and national products.

“What we wanted to show in this space is that it is actually possible for everything that you touch, and the day-to-day items can be from a Black owned business,” said Caampued.

From furniture, to kitchenware, and even the toilet paper, 80 percent of everything in the space is from Black-owned businesses.

The walls have educational readings and the owners suggest ways to learn about the history and culture of Black Wall Street and Greenwood.

Guests said it's an immersive experience as soon as you walk through the doors.

“We get many reviews from guests that have stayed here who have explained that they didn’t know anything about Black Wall Street or Greenwood, but seeing all the touches in the space, helped them kind of understand the history of what’s happened here,” said Caampued.

The owners said they also want guests to interact with Tulsa’s artists, entertainers, and chefs.

“We imagine that people that are here, wanting to experience our space, are really wanting to get the underbelly of Tulsa, right? So, what’s the best soul food place?” said Sofia Noshay.

And the Airbnb creates a space where anyone can stay and dream.

“We’re creating a sense of home,” said Noshay.

The owners said they hope this can spark a conversation about what’s happened in Tulsa’s past and about what’s happening here now.

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