Tulsa's Children's Museum 'Discovery Lab' Opened Monday

Monday, January 24th 2022, 4:45 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The latest attraction at Tulsa's Gathering Place is now open for families to explore.

The Discovery Lab is full of interactive exhibits for kids, where they can play and learn at the same time.

There are seven exhibits inside the Discovery Lab that provide hands-on science for kids and makes it fun. It’s a place to play and discover.

In the Ballapalooza, you can send balls through vacuum tunnels and watch them make their way to the top.

You can power a mini roller coaster uphill by shining a light or watch fabrics fly in a circle of fans.

Exhibits and labs encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

There are also classrooms where students can learn during field trips.

After the January 24 grand opening, kids and adults filled the exhibits to explore.

"After years of planning and hard work by so many people, to have it culminate in this beautiful world-class facility is just an amazing experience,” said Discovery Lab Executive Director, Dr. Ray Vandiver.

Discovery Lab was in Owen Park for 10 years before moving to the 57,000 square foot building next to Gathering Place.

Vandiver said the vision was for families to experience this place together.

"And we've been developing, designing and building our own exhibits all working towards this moment,” Vandiver said.

Kelly Knight and her four kids were members.

"Then COVID happened, and everything changed in a moment. And I'm glad to see life returning to some normalcy,” Knight said.

Knight's family plans to become members again, since she said the educational opportunities are endless.

There's also a space for the little learners, kids ages four and under.

"You use your imagination for almost everything in here. And it is definitely open-ended play. It's wonderful,” Knight said.

For information on tickets and memberships, click here: Discovery Lab: Learn, Make, Explore & Design