Impact Cheer Team Speaks Out After Winning First Major Competition

Wednesday, January 19th 2022, 6:31 pm

Impact Cheer was formed about three years ago, just hoping to expose the girls to something new. Now team impact is having an impact on the entire country.  

“So, our kids were not coming up as cheerleaders like some of the girls in these all-star facilities,” said Chara Patterson-Harding, Impact Cheer Team coach.  

The cheer team started with eight girls, now they compete with more than forty.  

“This was our way in order to kinda bridge that gap in the community, so kids start with a knowledge base of cheerleading,” said Patterson-Harding.  

They are the only African American team in almost every competition. So, the first challenge was to convince the girls they deserve to be there  

“We will never let our girls think less than themselves. We hold them to the highest standard. So, with that being said, it’s a very, very hard situation,” said Naomi Borquaye Jenkins, Impact Cheer Team Coach.  

The girls are ok with being challenged.  

“I love it. I like the team. I like how we always try to work hard,” said team member Karington James.  

Last month the coaches decided to step up the competition and take the team to America’s Best competition in Kansas City. And they won!  

“I was screaming. I was yelling IXE. I was happy,” said James.  

“All the practice paid off and I was just happy,” said team member Trinity Walker  

“Oh, it was priceless, and it wasn’t just the girls that made that beautiful it was the parents,” said Patterson-Harding.  

The win set the team up for the next big competition.  

“There we also received bid to the Quest which is the largest recreational event in cheerleading, where the best of the best go,” said Jenkins.  

The team is already back to work preparing for the big competition at Disney World in Florida  

“Everywhere you can think of people are going to be traveling to go to the Quest,” said Patterson-Harding.  

Now this weekend the ladies will be in Dallas competing at the NCA. You can track their progress on their Facebook page