Oklahomans Mourn Loss Of Comedy Icon Bob Saget

Monday, January 10th 2022, 6:11 pm
By: Erika Lee


The Bricktown Comedy Club was prepared to welcome Bob Saget to town the first weekend of February, now they’re saying goodbye. 

"We are very sad and sorry to hear about the passing of Bob Saget. He is a comedy icon, and we are incredibly lucky to have hosted him in OKC. If anyone has tickets for his shows next month they will be refunded immediately. Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight, and don’t ever forget to laugh," said the club in a statement. 

Fans of Saget in OKC were looking forward to seeing the sitcom star when he made his way to Bricktown in the coming weeks. 

"I was saddened by the news," said Justin Mcaroy. "I looked at his tour to see if he had any shows so it's nice to know he was on his tour and made people laugh." 

Justin Mcaroy said Saget inspired him to cherish those around him and feels a connection with the late star who has had his fair share of loss. Bob Saget went into comedy for his late sister Gay. 

"One of the things that really led me to enjoying Bob was the fact that he got into it for his sister," Mcaroy said. "I've lost loved ones throughout the years and one of the things I've always cherished is letting people know you love them. Bob inspired me to do that." 

Mcaroy plans to honor his icon's memory by attending other live comedy shows. 

Currently the medical examiner is still working to determine Bob Sagets cause of death.