Links Mentioned On October 4, 2021

Monday, October 4th 2021, 3:12 am
By: News 9


Here you can find the links mentioned in newscasts on October 4, 2021.

Help For Afghan Refugees

Several Afghan refugees now call Oklahoma home, as the state is preparing for around 1,800.

The process is detailed, according to Catholic Charities, an organization helping Afghan refugees coming to the U.S.

Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond is also preparing to help dozens of refugees.

If you’d like to help those in need, visit the Catholic Charities and Henderson Hills websites.

COVID-19 Cases Going Down, Hospitalizations Remain High

While the amount of new cases has been steadily declining, hospitals are still battling a surge in numbers.

Read more about COVID-19 in Oklahoma, here

Red Dirt Diaries: 102-Year-Old Edmond Woman Is Working On Her Memoirs

Dr. Ellen Oakes has seen the world change drastically since she was a girl, now she's putting her experiences to paper.

Find out more about Dr. Oakes incredible life, here. 

WildCare Oklahoma Asking For Acorns To Help Feed Squirrels During The Winter

The WildCare Oklahoma animal sanctuary in Noble needs natural food like acorns to feed squirrels over the winter.

You can help by collecting acorns, bagging them up and dropping them off at the sanctuary. More info, here.