COVID-19 Cases Going Down, Hospitalizations Remain High

Thursday, September 30th 2021, 7:11 pm
By: Erica Rankin


Health leaders released good news Thursday. COVID-19 cases have continued to decline. 

"This week cases were 41% lower than the peak 7-day average when 2,806 cases were reported on August 30th,” said Dr. Lance Frye, the state commissioner of health. 

State health officials said they remain cautiously optimistic that the downward trajectory of cases is the delta variant beginning to burn itself out. 

"It seems to come on quickly and surge faster than the original virus does, and it does seem to come down again faster than before as well,” said Frye. 

Hospitalizations have also started to trend down, but doctors say they still remain high, straining hospitals across the metro. 

“We saw really sick patients the first time around,” said Dr. David Chansolme. “I see very sick patients this time around and they remain on a ventilator a very, very long time."

Many patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are a younger age group in this surge. 

“They are going to be able to fight more as compared to others with medical conditions may not be able to sustain as long as a course,” said Chansolme. 

Chansolme said they have seen some amazing recoveries. But as for long term effects from delta, that remains to be seen. 

"What happens at six months, 9 months for those folks? I don't think we know yet.” said Chansolme.