Local Nonprofit, Wings OK, Providing Valuable Life Skills For Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Monday, September 27th 2021, 7:24 pm
By: Mike Glover

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

A local nonprofit is teaching life skills to adults with developmental disabilities.

Wings OK is based in Edmond and has social, vocational and residential programs.

Sixty-three adults are currently in the program learning all type of skills.

“We offer a culinary class where our members learn how to cook and prepare simple meals. They also make dog treats regularly, and healthy breakfast muffins to donate to our nonprofit partners,” said Cheri Weaver executive director of Wings OK. 

The members also take computer technology classes, art classes, and a big favorite is the transitional living class. 

“Everyone wants to grow up and move away from their parents, well to do that you need to learn skills, and outside of the home is the best place to learn the skills,” said Weaver. 

It’s known as the transition house. There, members learn cleaning, laundry, and checking food expiration dates. 

The program has members with all types of interest and abilities. 

Peter is the program comedian and is always ready with a joke.

“Why is the math book always sad? It has too many problems,” said Peter, a Wings member. 

The group makes many projects for other nonprofits, inmates at the county jail, and even the homeless.

“’Cause they would be starving if they don’t have a house or a mom or a dad. Or a bed to sleep in at night to keep them warm and cozy if it rains,” said Grant, a Wings member. 

The members understand their importance and take pride in their work.

“We help a lot of people doing everything, yes we do,” said Grant. 

The group is currently hosting their Fall Festival. It is a family event complete with a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, lots of games and food trucks. All the money raised goes directly back into the program. 

The festival runs for the next three weekends. Details can be found on the Wings OK website.

They are located on Eastern Avenue just north of Memorial Road in Edmond.