University Of Tulsa Guarantees Job Or Acceptance Into Grad School For Graduates

Monday, September 27th 2021, 4:45 pm
By: Matt Rahn

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The University of Tulsa just announced a guarantee that its students will find a job or get into grad school within 6 months of graduating. 

TU is calling it the Cane Careers Job Placement Guarantee and they say students must enroll in an online class to qualify. 

TU says the free zero-credit course is designed to make students career-ready with certain requirements each year they're in school.  

"Some of the requirements can include conducting career or major explorations assessments, meeting with a career coach, meeting with a financial wellness consultant," said Christy Caves with TU's Center for Career Development.

She says if students complete the program and all its requirements, the university guarantees they'll get accepted into graduate school or find a job in their field or at least a related one.     

"The positions would be what we consider student-desired or from an employer’s perspective degree-preferred or required," Caves said. 

She says if students aren't able to find a job or get into graduate school within 6 months, they'll offer them a free semester's worth of tuition in one of their master's programs. She says with a 93 percent placement rate already, they feel confident making this guarantee. 

"Another reason why we feel very confident in our ability to offer this opportunity to our students is based on the size of our school. We're not a big state school and we're able to provide these resources to all of our students," Caves said.  

TU says as far as they know, there are only 8 other programs like this in the U.S.

They say the full program with the promise of 6 hours of free graduate school tuition will be for incoming students starting next fall and after.