Food On The Move Hosts Pay-As-You-Can Community Block Party At TCC

Thursday, September 16th 2021, 11:52 am
By: Mallory Thomas

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Thursday, Food on the Move hosted its first community block party at its TCC location since the start of the pandemic. Several hundred people showed up for the event and people attending said they were thankful to have the community block party again at TCC.

"Everybody is having a good time and feeling good. The sun is out but it's not so hot. I've seen a few people moving to the music. I'm moving a little bit," said Donde Harris.

Harris said there was everything you expect to see at your neighborhood block party. Music, food, and more. "You can sit and talk you know to different people. You know because we don't get to socialize all that much since all this is going on," said Virginia Foster.

Harris and Foster said they only have one grocery store that is close to them and food on the move helps fill the need. 

"The impact of the pandemic has really I think further exposed the need in Tulsa for better access to better food. For the issues of food insecurities when you have areas that don't have grocery stores. You essentially don't have functioning communities. You don't have safe communities. You don't have essential services," said Taylor Hanson.

Hanson said these events are pay-as-you-can block parties. He said they are also giving people information about resources they may need. "These events are also bringing people together. So if you can support it you can come here and give and pay it forward. So it's a dynamic event whoever is here you feel like you're at a festival environment," said Hanson.

Foster said she's glad the community block parties are back and that she is able to get locally grown produce while catching up with her neighbors. "That's the main thing. That's one of the things that I like about this is that their produce is fresh. It's good. They let you have what you need. It's wonderful," said Foster.