Several Oklahoma Organizations Mobilize To Provide Relief After Hurricane Ida

Monday, August 30th 2021, 10:14 pm
By: Feliz Romero

Oklahoma Task Force 1, a group of first responders from across the state, is already in Louisiana helping with relief efforts.

The first responders are broken up into several groups. A team of 26 will perform swift water rescues, while others tend to more issues.

“We like being able to give back when other states are in need just like they have come to our aid when we’ve had disasters,” said Kelsey Schwartz with the state Department of Emergency Management. 

The state agency and 23 other agencies sent more than 150 first responders to Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Ida.

“They are doing different things. Search and rescue are probably not going to be extended whereas the sheltering team may be there a little bit longer. It can very anywhere from two weeks to several weeks,” said Schwartz.

The Salvation Army is deploying eight mobile feeding units on Tuesday and said more could follow depending on the need.

“They can feed between 400 to 500 meals per shift as they go out there. You can imagine we usually do two meals a day so each one they do anywhere between 800 to 1,000 meals per unit when they go out to these different locations,” said Doulas McClure with the Salvation Army.

The American Red Cross is already stationed in Baton Rouge.

“This one has been different to be 100% honest with you. The wind was really picking up, there was rain, the door started suctioning and the windows were rattling. Trees down everywhere, there’s no power!" said Brittney Rochell with the American Red Cross.

The standard time period for their teams is a couple of weeks but they will stay longer, if needed.

“Sunday night we housed over 2,500 evacuees in over 60 evacuation centers set up across Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi,” said Brittney Rochell.

“When it comes down to it, we are all one big country, one big family and one big world, and we need to start taking care of each other,” said McClure.

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