Teacher Spotlight: Harrah Elementary Teacher Finds Creative Outlets For Students

Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 9:19 am
By: Tevis Hillis

HARRAH, Oklahoma -

Much like their students, not all teachers fit in the same box. 

Jenny Little from Harrah is the perfect example of that.  

She has made it a priority to keep making connections with her students, despite the pandemic. 

"When you meet your kids for the first time, and they have a mask on, its hard to know what their little feelings are," said Jenny Little, a Harrah Elementary School teacher. "Relationships were built easier, but last year we just had to work a little harder." 

It's difficult for kids to understand what was going on last year, but she explained ways to stay safe by understanding germs and washing their hands and covering their mouths.  

She also personally delivered classwork to students' homes. 

Her efforts to connect with students, parents, and colleagues led to her new title as Harrah's Teacher of the Year. 

This year, Little is adding “art teacher” to her list of accolades as she continues to find creative ways to get her students involved. 

"It gives them an outlet. They get to be creative. They get to learn new skills," said Little. 

She'll teach those art classes after school each week, giving students an opportunity to decompress.