Fire Marshal Gives More Time For Tenants To Move Out Of Vista Shadow Mountain

Wednesday, July 21st 2021, 7:58 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell

Just as the deadline passed for all tenants to move out of the Vista Shadow Mountain apartments, the Tulsa Fire Marshal's Office says they can have more time.

The office deemed the entire complex unlivable a few weeks ago. The fire marshal says because of how difficult it has been for some tenants to find new places to live, they now have until Friday at 5 p.m. to get out.

A lot of the people who have moved out say they are really mad at what has happened as many do not have a place to go, and now have to live in hotels. Several nonprofit groups have been at the complex the past few days to help people as they move out, making sure they are connected to different resources.

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Steven Wooten was moving his mom out of her apartment today. He says this entire ordeal has been overwhelmingly stressful, and he wants the complex to be held accountable for what is happening to the tenants. His mom is 75 years old and recovering from triple bypass surgery.

She is set up with temporary housing for now, but he says he is really angry at the situation.

"I thought my mom was set because I just moved her over here six months ago, right before her heart surgery, this was where she was supposed be to have her surgery and just relax and recover, and it didn't happen that way," he said.

The Fire Marshal says what led to the conditions at Vista Shadow Mountain is unacceptable. If you are living in a similar situation, they ask that you call them at 918-596-9422.