Suspects From Florida Linked To Multiple Illegal Grow Operations In OKC Metro

Wednesday, July 14th 2021, 10:09 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

A ring of illegal marijuana grows were discovered across the metro.

According to police, they were uncovered after a landscaper alerted a landlord and reported concerns at an Edmond home.

According to investigators, Roland Ruiz was renting three properties.

For the most part, the homes were empty with the exception of the garages that police said were full of marijuana plants.

Police: Police department, make yourself known! Edmond police!            

A stash of marijuana plants was uncovered after a landlord was alerted to the odor of marijuana coming from the home.

“He has a daughter that I thought was living with him, but I don't think there is anyone living there, honestly. He's doing something else there, but not living,” said one landlord in a 911 call.

According to the landlord, the home near Danforth and Sante Fe had been rented to Ruiz

“They were residential houses, well kept, very clean, great neighbors, neighborhoods, great landlords. It just shows you this can happen anywhere,” said Emily Ward, spokeswoman for the Edmond Police Department. 

Neighbors said they never saw anyone but knew something was going on.

“They could smell it and there were some odd electrical outlets,” said Ward.          

“There's a big, huge picture window and it's completely covered up and the other kitchen window,” said a landlord in a 911 call.

Police later learned Ruiz was renting two other properties one along North Post Road behind a wooded area, and another near Air Depot and Danforth.

In all of the homes police uncovered extensive grows.

Police: Edmond police! If you're in the attic come down, now!

John Morales Jr. was found inside one of the homes and claimed to have been recruited by Ruiz from Florida to care for the plants and was under the impression they were legally operating.

“What they told us is they had their medical marijuana license, but the volume of plants in these houses goes way above personal use, clearly an intent to distribute,” said Ward.

Both men are now wanted. According to records, Morales is responsible for another grow house in Bethany that was raided by OBN.

He has pleaded guilty to that crime.