Okmulgee County Residents Still Reeling From Effects Of Severe Storms

Saturday, June 12th 2021, 10:47 pm
By: Ashlyn Brothers


Some Okmulgee County residents may have tried to escape the miserable heat and humidity plaguing the state, but after the recent unforgiving floods, some living in Okmulgee no longer have the luxury of cooling off in the comfort of their home.

Many people are displaced after severe storms flooded their mobile homes Monday in a trailer park just outside of Okmulgee city limits.

Dakota Lemon said he looked outside to find his car completely submerged.

"Basically ruined, pretty much," Lemon said.

Holly Johnson lives nearby and feels it's her responsibility to help.

"I don't have the money, but I have the time," Johnson said. 

News on 6 was told that there are kids, elderly and individuals with disabilities living at Gold Properties' trailer park. Johnson said they're trying to find a safe place to stay while paying rent on what she believes are now inhabitable homes.

"It is a swampland,” Johnson said. “You know, we have mosquitoes everywhere. The water hasn't completely dried out. There's been raw sewage. There's been mold.”

Johnson is taking clothing, food, toys, and toiletry donations while searching for temporary housing and providing transportation. 

"We actually have two rooms in my house that are donation rooms with clothes piled up on the bed, so we're currently sleeping on the couch," Johnson said. 

The City of Okmulgee is trying to get federal aid for its residents. Mayor Richard Larabee said the trailer park is not within city limits and said the county is responsible for enforcing any kind of standard of living.

However, Larabee said churches, county emergency representatives, Okmulgee city leaders and Muskogee Nation are providing manpower and collecting resources for immediate disaster relief.

"Everybody out here lost everything they have," Lemon said.

We've reached out to Gold Properties for a statement and have yet to hear back.

Johnson said you can contact her to donate by calling 918-289-4934 or by messaging her on Facebook here.