Security Guard Fatally Shoots Alleged Armed Man At SW OKC Cannabis Store

Monday, May 24th 2021, 9:08 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill


A man was killed while trying to force his way inside a metro cannabis store, police said. It happened Sunday morning near Interstate 40 and South Meridian.

The business owner told News 9 he did not believe the suspect wanted money or drugs.

According to business employees, Jobe Bicksler insisted he was there to “kill anyone who had not received the COVID-19 vaccine.”

He allegedly said the voices in his head were ordering him to do it.

According to the police report, shortly after 4:30 a.m. Sunday Bicksler entered the business.

“He was denied service for whatever reason, so he left and a few minutes later he came back,” said Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Megan Morgan.

According to the store's owner, Bicksler told a contract security guard that the government and voices in his head were telling him to kill.

After he was forced to leave, he returned, this time armed with a weapon, authorities said.

“That's when he was confronted by security. At that point Mr. Bricksler produced a knife, security pulled out their gun and ended up discharging his firearm,” said Morgan.         

According to employees, Bicksler was not a customer but often wandered near the store and lived about 100 yards away in a wooded homeless camp.

Off camera, several of Bicksler's friends, who live in the area, said Bicksler was always a nice guy, but recently seemed disturbed and said he was haunted by voices.

Bicksler died shortly after he was rushed to a local hospital.

No arrests have been made.

“Right now, the investigation is ongoing. Ultimately that will be up to the DA’s office at the conclusion of the investigation,” said Morgan.