Multiple City Of Tulsa Services Disrupted After Cyberattack

Tuesday, May 11th 2021, 5:14 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Several City of Tulsa services are still disrupted after a ransomware attack on the city's computer network.

That includes the fire department, which is adjusting to how it responds to some calls.

The fire department says a computer system they use is down because of this cyberattack.

But they do have a plan in place.

The cyberattack happened over the weekend, forcing the city's computer network offline.

As they investigate, the Tulsa Fire Department is unable to use its computer automated dispatch system.

That system, which is a small computer in fire trucks, gives firefighters details like navigation, company engine status, addresses and more.

Department Spokesperson Andy Little says while it is an inconvenience for them, the average Tulsan will not notice any change in their service.

And he says firefighters and dispatchers are simply overcommunicating to make sure everyone knows where they are and their status.

They're also using physical map books, something they already use to navigate city streets.

"You just got to pay attention and work together as a team and that's something we're pretty good at doing,” said Little. “We're taught to adapt and to solve problems and this is nothing different than the big ice storm or some other situation where there's lots going on and you got to pay attention to these details."

The department is not sure when the system will be back online.

The cyberattack is still under investigation by the FBI.