Tulsa Travel Advisor Says Summer Vacation Reservations ‘Skyrocketing’

Thursday, May 6th 2021, 6:16 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa travel advisor said vacation reservations are skyrocketing right now, as we inch closer to summer. 

AAA and other travel experts said some people are planning so much, they are already looking at trips for 2022 and 2023.  

Warren Place Travel said Tulsans are vacationing in the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Mexico and other places open to U.S. residents. 

"We have people going to Iceland, from the UK, sailing on cruise ships. We have people doing land trips there, going on expeditions,” Travel Advisor Stephanie Chappelle said.  

AAA said domestic travel is also gaining popularity right now, with an uptick in camping vacations, and expectations national parks will be very busy this summer.  

"People really are ready to get on the road and get out and explore America,” AAA Managing Director of Auto Travel and Merchandise said in a virtual meeting with reporters Thursday.  

Another trend AAA is already noticing is "Revenge Spending.” People are spending more and booking longer trips, after a year stuck at home.  

Chappelle warned, travelers may want to save up if they need a car rental. After companies sold much of their inventories last year, they are now facing new demand.  

"I ran into one, $1,000 a day in Hawaii,” Chappelle said.  

AAA anticipates there will eventually be a standard for travelers to prove they are vaccinated.  

"I think we're going to have a tremendous summer as kids finish school up for the year and families can get out there and travel. I look for it to be as strong as '19, if not, more,” AAA Vice President of Leisure Travel said. 

Travel experts said the biggest thing surprising people right now is the need to get tested for COVID-19 before heading to some destinations. Experts advise everyone to be aware of restrictions before you book your getaway.