2 Tulsa Fire Stations Get New Firetrucks

Monday, April 19th 2021, 4:43 pm
By: Ashlyn Brothers

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Tulsa Fire crews are rolling in some new equipment to help them keep Oklahomans safe.

The Tulsa Fire Department said it takes support from the community, a great deal of effort, and whole lot of money to get these new trucks ready to roll.

“They would unhook the horses and wash the fire truck outside of the station and then the guys would push the truck into the station,” said Captain Keith Beck, TFD. 

The Wetdown and Push-In Ceremony is a tradition dating back to horse drawn fire trucks. For a more than 100 years, firefighters have stood side-by-side pushing their brand new apparatus into its bay. All to say 'it's now in service' and 'ready for runs.’ Today, it was Stations 20 and 24's turn. 

"It's a once in a career kind of thing for most firemen," Capt. Beck said.

Beck said Station 24's replacement is long overdue. 

Their new 107-foot ladder truck is replacing a 2002 model. Crews trained for how to operate the new truck. 

"How the truck operates. How it sets up. What its limitations are. What its capabilities are. Know how to drive it and operate and pump it,” Capt. Beck said.

TFD Deputy Fire Chief Chuck French said it's not cheap. He said it’s $1.4 million for each new ladder truck. That’s something made possible only through communication with city leaders, budgeting, bond issues and public funding. It’s a large undertaking he said is worth while. 

“It minimizes the risks that we take to the citizens and it makes sure that the people when they arrive on scene, they've got the equipment they need to serve the citizens the right way,” TFD Deputy Fire Chief Chuck French said.

We asked Captain Beck if Ladder 24 has a name. 

“This is the backbone of District 4. The bone for short,” Capt. Beck said. 

Station 20 is still deciding on a name.

TFD said one of the old trucks being replaced will go to the department's training center. The other will be used as a back up.