Holiday Adventures: Picking The Perfect Tree

Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 11:08 pm
By: News 9

For Kelly Ogle and his family, the Martinbird Tree Farm in Tuttle has been a holiday tradition for decades. Bob Martin has owned the farm for 33 years and Kelly and his family has been coming for 26 of those.

“Most of them weren’t even here when they started coming,” said Bob. “We’ve seen the kids grow up and what a great family. And every year, through snowstorms and everything else we always find a tree and always enjoy having them.”

The crew keeps growing it seems by the year. 

“Where’s our Christmas Tree,” granddaughter Millie yelled this time as she went running in search for the tree.

“There is some controversy there,” explained Bob. “Kelly comes in and says guys let’s do an 8-foot tree this year. They have never left with less than a 12 to 14-foot tree. Because the kids always want those big trees and Kelly doesn’t have a vote.”

“I’m the voice of reason,” said Kelly.

Bob said over 70% of business is repeat business, year after year.

“It’s a fun thing. I tell the guys who work for me, we have a lot of high school and college kids who work for us. They’ll never have a job that they enjoy more than at Christmas Time. It’s just a fun time,” said Bob.

He said some things have changed this year because of the pandemic but it hasn’t stopped folks from enjoying the experience.

“We’re trying to be safe, so we have everyone wearing masks and we have to do some things different than we have before. But people are still coming and we’re still enjoying it, and everybody is still having fun.”

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