Holiday Adventure: Amanda Taylor, Her Family Take A Ride On The Polar Express

Thursday, December 9th 2021, 9:52 pm

One classic holiday story is coming to life in Oklahoma City.

Grab your Christmas jammies as Amanda Taylor and her family take us on a magical trip aboard the Polar Express.

Straight from the pages of the book and into a train pulling out of the Oklahoma Railway Museum. The ride is an hour full of Christmas spirit and the story of the power of believing.

Even though the train goes down the track, the entertainment is mostly on board. And with several shows a night, the sprinkling of ticket confetti will happen over and over for 125 productions this holiday season.

Since the show was on hiatus last year because of COVID, the director had time to revamp the performance.

“I created scenes and events on the train to reflect the heart of the story," said Scott Calcagno. 

The story includes a silver bell, that only those who truly believe in Santa and the Christmas spirit can hear.

“My big note to the cast is everyone that’s sitting there that they’re there for a very special reason: this is their crucial year. Being that they may be on the verge of not believing in the spirit of Christmas,” said Calcagno.

The ride is almost non-stop singing and dancing and the cast is all local.

“I had to integrate the 'Hot Chocolate' number and the 'Hot Chocolate' dance and get hot chocolate served on the train,” said Calcagno. “The book by Chris Van Allsburg is also the criteria that also has to be read during the show, and of course, someone has to pay a very special visit from the North Pole.” 

“My favorite part is seeing the smallest, little kids and just the magic in their eyes and how excited they are when they are ringing their bell or when they are getting their hot chocolate,” said the train’s conductor. “It’s just so special to see their faces and the parents live that through their children which is also really special.”

When Amanda asked her daughter what made the train ride so much fun she answered, “The hot chocolate of course and I got a bell and meeting Santa Clause.” She added and said the best part was “probably wearing jammies because they’re so comfy.”

And don’t forget the message: “Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in the hear for all who believe,” said Santa.

Also new this year: the two first class cars that offer more room. The show runs through New Year’s Eve.