Local Research Firm To Start Adolescent COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Tuesday, December 8th 2020, 6:36 am
By: Ashley Holden

The Lynn Institute said in the coming weeks they'll be helping with a COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids.

Staff couldn't share all the details, but they said the study will involve children and teens ranging in age from 12 to17.

News 9 doesn't know the company involved yet, but Pfizer's data submitted to the FDA included about 100 children between 12 to 15-years old. Moderna has posted an upcoming trial online that said it will involve three thousand kids.

President of the Lynn Institute Carlos Blanco said this is a situation where signing up your child could really be worth the benefits. He said there's already good data to lean on from the studies completed with adults. But Carlos knows this could be a tough decision for parents, especially since children typically aren't getting severe cases of the virus.

"So as a parent we have to decide, do we take the risk and hope they don't get a severe COVID-19 case, or put them in the trial and see if we can get them vaccinated through that process," said Blanco. 

Locally staff are not expecting to have as many open slots in the adolescent study as they did for the adult trials.  

This process is beginnings as the FDA is considering emergency approval for the Pfizer vaccine on Thursday. Oklahoma is set to receive thousands of the vaccine doses in the next few days.

Anyone interested in signing up or learning more about one of the trials should contact the Lynn Institute by calling 405-447-8839 or visit their official website.