Families Can Be Reimbursed For Food Lost During Power Outage

Friday, November 6th 2020, 5:15 pm


Last week’s storm was just another problem in a year of struggles for many Oklahomans as thousands remain without power in the OKC area.

“Families in Oklahoma have been hard hit lately by a number of factors,” Keili McEwen with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services said. “COVID is certainly one of those. And now, this catastrophic ice storm has just piled onto what's been a tough year.”

Families who receive SNAP benefits can apply for reimbursement funds if they lost food or groceries due to the storm.

“We will replace any food that you lost. Due to the ice storm, up to 60 percent of what your October benefit was,” McEwen said.

The deadline for the application is Monday. Officials with DHS recommend applying this weekend.

The form can be found on OKDHS.org by searching “food replacement.”

“Anyone who doesn't have internet access is still eligible to apply for the benefits. They will need to contact their local DHS office,” McEwen said.

Officials with the Department of Insurance also recommend checking your policy. You may be able to retain food reimbursement through insurance.