Oklahomans Continue To Struggle Without Electricity

Thursday, November 5th 2020, 6:43 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois


Tens of thousands of Oklahomans are still without power following last week’s ice storm.

Meanwhile, families continue to struggle from record unemployment and election fatigue.

Bethany resident Dustin Larsen has faced these issues and more throughout 2020.

“For me, I’m looking what's going to help my family and what's going to get us pass this giant hurdle of 2020. Because it's a giant track meet and who will make it to the end first?” Larsen said.

The hurdles started earlier in the pandemic when Larsen lost his job.

“I filed April 2nd I got mine July 4,” Larsen said. “So it had been almost four months before I was able to get unemployment.”

Last week, the storm hit Larsen's home, demolishing his yard and knocking out power.

Larsen has been paying to keep his family warm at a Bricktown hotel for days.

Larsen said he’s spent thousands on the hotel and lost the food his family bought for Thanksgiving.

“We were getting ready for Thanksgiving. We had just bought a bunch of stuff to put in our freezer so that’s at least a thousand dollars’ worth of food that got thrown away because we wouldn’t do anything with it,” Larsen said.

The Larsen household is one of thousands still without power according to OG&E.

The company has sent out its largest restoration force ever to restore electricity.

Larsen is keeping his head up for his family.

“I try to keep an upbeat spirit,” Larsen said. “I don’t get down. I don’t have to. I try to stay positive, but No. 1 is for the kids. If I break down, then they break down, so it's all for them.”

For those who struggle to stay positive, help can be found by calling 2-1-1-HEARTLINE.