Something Good: OKC's King Of Halloween

Friday, October 30th 2020, 6:48 pm
By: Brian Mueller


Count Gregore's gaze is as piercing as it was 62 years ago when John Ferguson first dawned the cape, introducing monster movies to the masses in Oklahoma.

"I could approach that camera, just like that, and just into that camera, and that's when people say, 'you scared me to death!" Ferguson said.

John played many characters over the years on Oklahoma television, but none haunted Oklahomans' nightmares like the master of the macabre, Count Gregore, who he still is recognized for today.

"Oh, aren't you, or were you Count Gregore? I say were? I still am. I haven't passed yet," Ferguson said.

No, there is no coffin for the count in a mausoleum, but his bedroom is a museum to a storied career. Walls lined with his fan's artwork, tributes to his sometimes scary, sometimes campy character.

"I had no idea that that character would be such an impact, or have an impact on so many people, it never entered my mind," Ferguson said.

Though John is a little long in the tooth, the 92-year-old continues to scare at public events and has added Zoom appearances to this Halloween season.

"Now I am in the center of this entire core of Halloween and scary movies. It was the attachment that grew out of that and being associated with it, and it was just forever," he said.

And it would be a grave mistake to think the count is planning on hanging up his cape anytime soon.

"As long as people can enjoy it, have fun, and want to see Count Gregore, I'm there," Ferguson said.