Enid Police Arrest 2 Suspects In Connection With Drive-By Shootings

Friday, October 23rd 2020, 6:22 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

ENID, Okla. -

Enid police arrested two people in connection with a couple of drive-by shootings that occurred a couple of weeks ago. 

Drive by shootings aren’t really that uncommon. What makes this one especially unusual, is that the two people facing charges are both senior citizens. And they videoed the crime, according to police.

Enid police said after an argument at a local store with a couple of people, 62-year-old Christopher Brown asked 68-year-old Cory Mae Baker to open fire on a couple of houses. Police said that’s exactly what she did, first targeting a home while four children slept inside.

“We heard two gunshots and we thought it was just some kids with fireworks or like neighbors or something,” victim Ratana LeClair said, “We came outside, we saw the bullet shot hole and the hole that’s in the rim and then we found the shell casings from the gun.”

A few days later, police said Baker shot up a second home, hitting a car and smashing out the back window. 

The victims heard the shots, but thought they were just fireworks.

“Later on that next morning I got up and went to get in my vehicle to leave and there were bullet holes in the back of it. I couldn’t believe it,” victim Justin Burby said.

Police said Baker stalked a third victim, and that’s how they caught her. 

They served a warrant at her home and that’s when she began swinging on cops.

“She became very uncooperative. We actually had to go in and take her out of her house because she was resisting the lawful order to search her house. During that time, she was taken to the ground in handcuffs,” said Detective Brian Schwarzkopf of the Enid Police Department.

Police recovered the gun they believe was used in the drive-by shootings. They also found a camera Baker had on her dashboard that investigators said recorded the two plotting and Baker going forward with the shootings.

“This is some of the best evidence you could ask for. When you have two persons conspiring together to commit these shootings, there were several felonies that were committed,” Schwarzkopf said. “This is great evidence that we obtained.”