Edmond Father Who Admits He Beat, Bit Daughter Wants Visitation

Friday, August 14th 2020, 5:31 pm

EDMOND, Okla. -

An Edmond man who admitted to brutally beating his daughter now wants visitation rights. 

Back in January, Guy White confessed to severely beating his teenage daughter, and then trying to cover it up. 

Sixteen-year-old Bailey White’s physical scars have healed, but the emotional scars run deep after her father admitted he beat her unconscious and repeatedly bit her face.

“He dragged me from the front door, to the living room, to the kitchen, around the whole house by my hair. He punched me, bit me in the face and choked me,” Bailey said. “I called him the devil. I said you are acting like the devil and he just punched me the hardest that he could, and I fell back.”

Guy said he then took his daughters car and drove it into a neighbor’s mailbox to make it look like she was hurt in the crash. Security video shows him doing it. 

“He’s a two-time national champ wrestler. Multiple All American. Wrestled for UCO and OSU,” Bailey’s mother, Amanda Underwood said. “She’s got one hand. There’s no competition. She’s a little girl.”

Bailey said the abuse has gone on as long as she can remember. 

“It’s basically been my whole life. I just thought it was normal because he would use God and he would use this as tough love. That’s not, no. That’s not right,” Baily said.

Now Guy is asking the court to allow him visitation. He blew off court Friday, withdrawing his motion. 

Bailey showed up with a bunch of supporters. 

Guy said when he beat his daughter he just snapped.

“It was a mistake. It happened so quickly. And I love my daughters more than anybody. I made a mistake. I lost my temper,” White said. “You can’t imagine how much I’m hurting right now. I pretty much want to die. I just gotta keep striving to get…to live, you now?” he said.

Guy said he’s receiving counseling and should be allowed to see his daughter 

“I deserve it. I’m sorry. I had a problem,” White said.

“All of these court dates where he’s thrown in visitation, the stress that it puts her through to not know, to not have an end, to keep dragging it out is tormenting her,” Underwood said. “It’s not fair, it’s continued abuse. It’s continued harassment.”

“I’m not going back to him, no matter what anyone says,” Bailey said.