Aspiring Marine Biologist Has Special Experience At Blue Zoo

Thursday, July 23rd 2020, 5:17 pm


A metro girl with dreams of studying the ocean was given the chance do just that Thursday in Oklahoma City.

“I’ve always been drawn to animals and I love sea animals,” 12-year-old Roxy Cathey said. “I've always wanted to go everywhere that they were.”  

With aspirations to study marine biology, Cathey figured she needed to go to the ocean.

“I love the sea. It's awesome,” Cathey said.

After hearing about the Blue Zoo Aquarium inside Quail Springs Mall, Cathey learned she could start her studies right here in the metro.

“One of my mom's friends started looking into it and talked to the person that owned it,” Cathey said.

Blue Zoo Founder and CEO Wesley Haws instantly connected with Cathey’s story, after learning she’d recently suffered a loss in her family.

“Blue Zoo is pretty important to me,” Haws said. “It's part of my journey and my recovery from an accident, too. It's what I wanted to do was share it with others.”

Haws wanted to do something special for Cathey.

Cathey was given a private tour and job shadow of the new aquarium.

“We opened it up early so she could come in and work with a marine biologist and really have a good experience,” Haws said.

Cathey fed fish, interacted with animals and asked every question that came to mind.

Stories like hers are why Haws said he opened the Blue Zoo in the first place: to inspire passion for marine life, even in a landlocked state.

“Educating and inspiring a child in little ways is important,” Haws said.