Tecumseh FOP Served With Eviction Notice, Landlord Says She'd Be Better Off ‘Renting To Meth Addicts’

Wednesday, June 24th 2020, 9:02 pm


The Tecumseh Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) was served with an eviction notice this week.

A judge will hear the case next Wednesday, July 1.

The landlord of the property, Rece Williams, said that she has been leasing the building to the group since August, but they have not paid rent in four months.

She said the FOP owes her $2,000 for their lease.

That’s four months of rent.

Williams originally did not want a court battle, but when she was called a “slumlord” she said she had enough.

“I gave him every opportunity to get out of the building and just hand me my keys,” said Williams.

Williams said they also damaged her property with a power washer, hardly cut the grass, and broke equipment inside the rental property.

She said she has been in contact with Tecumseh FOP President, Lt. Trey Baker.

In text messages, he reportedly told her their former “secretary/treasurer” had embezzled money.

Also, Baker said that COVID-19 had an impact on their group.

For the past two days, News 9 has tried to reach Lt. Baker, but messages went unreturned.

But we were able to track down Jason Seikel, the former secretary Baker accused of embezzlement in text messages with Williams.

Seikel is now a deputy with the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, and said he left Tecumseh because he knew the FOP couldn’t afford the building, among other concerns.

Also, he said that he suspected Baker was using the FOP debit card for personal use.

“He would go eat dinner or lunch, I would get the excuse the cards look the same,” said Seikel.

He said he would continually remind Baker that he had to reimburse that money to the FOP.

There is also an unresolved issue with a public gun raffle sponsored by Tecumseh FOP.

News 9 talked to five people who said they bought a ticket, but that a winner was never selected.

“There was a low number of tickets sold, but we still could have got those prizes,” Seikel said. “The company that worked with us, Woodbury Outfitters, they are based out of Ohio. They cut us a discount, and they went out of business. I wasn’t notified of it, nobody was.”

He added that the FOP appointed members to look into it, but nothing was ever decided.

As for what’s next, Seikel said that he was contacted by the Oklahoma State FOP Lodge about Baker.

The state FOP president said they did receive a request from Tecumseh FOP to audit their books a few months back.

That audit is in progress, but state FOP members are not involved in any criminal investigation.

To date, there has not been a formal investigation of these allegations, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

Williams said the Tecumseh FOP has not moved out of her building.

She regrets renting to the officers and said literally anyone else would have been a better tenant.

“Yes, a meth addict. They've torn stuff up, and I am getting estimates on that right now,” Williams said.

Tecumseh PD said they cannot comment on the allegations, because the FOP is a separate entity from the FOP Lodge.