Some Local Attorneys Representing Protestors Arrested Over the Weekend For Free

Monday, June 1st 2020, 7:26 pm
By: Erica Rankin

Just under 40 people were arrested over the weekend during protests. Many of them were arrested for rioting, disorderly conduct, violating the mayor’s curfew among other charges.

“We are here to help those who were wrongfully arrested for simply speaking out for what they believe is right,” said John Martino, one of the attorneys offering pro bono services.

But the attorneys will be screening the calls they receive from people. Because there are some that they will not represent.

“The outside agitators who are coming in and distracting from BLM’s message,” said Jaye Mendros, another one of the attorneys. “You got another thing coming for you if you think you will have a free lawyer because you won’t.”

But, for the ones they do choose to represent, they are ready to help.

“This is not a country I am OK with living in if I can’t do everything I can to change it,” said Mendros.

If you need to reach one of these attorneys their numbers are listed below.

Casey Davis 405-604-3200

Kent Bridge 405-474-6494

Jaye Mendros 405-408-1561

John Martino 405-902-5344