Other Venues Helping Couples Impacted By Local Wedding Event Center Closure

Monday, February 10th 2020, 2:45 am
By: Caleb Califano

Companies and venues are reaching out to help couples left in limbo by the sudden shut down of Noah's Event Venue last Friday.

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Esperanza Ranch in Luther is offering to let affected couples use their venue for free for any wedding dates booked through June. Other companies in Oklahoma City and Tulsa are also offering discounts.

For many brides and grooms, after the closing last Friday, they're still waiting for information about their deposits, with some ranging in the ball park of $6,000 or even more.

"It was like a rug pulled out from under us. I made sure to check my emails for that, and Noah's has not sent us any emails an it just feels like they had no concern with us whatsoever," says a local couple impacted by the closure.

According to the sign posted on Noah's front door, corporate will be in contact with couples affected.

The main line to Noah's event venue went straight to voicemail and it is still unclear if, when, or how much impacted wedding parties will be refunded.