Central Oklahoma Goodwill Stores Reopening With Precautions

Monday, May 4th 2020, 9:36 am

Oklahoma City -

Goodwill of Central Oklahoma will reopen locations Monday, statewide after closing at the end of March. 

At one point, donations were piled outside Goodwill donation centers because they were closed, but now people can bring those donations back. 

Dozens of donation centers and stores will be opening, but staff will be taking precautions including wearing masks and gloves and using plexiglass shields at check-out counters. 

There will also be social distance markers for shoppers to follow, staff will be limiting the number of shoppers in the stores, dressing rooms will be closed and donations disinfected and possibly quarantined before being put out for sale. 

Back in March, the Goodwill of Central Oklahoma CEO Jim Priest told News 9 they had to close 24 stores, 20 donation centers and were forced to furlough almost 650 employees. But as businesses and stores reopen, the agency will once again be focusing on helping people find work.

"Our mission at Goodwill is to help people overcome obstacles to employment and we anticipate there's going to be a lot of obstacles to employment," said Priest.

Goodwill's career connection services and virtual training has been available through the agency's website and Facebook page, but Priest said similar to the 1930's they will be helping people again. 

"So we have a job connection center that can help people find jobs and help prepare for jobs our career pathway institute can help people train for jobs," said Priest. 

Goodwill's stores and donation centers will now be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Note that Goodwill's locations in Tulsa have different plans. Their donation centers are open and have been since May 1. But their retail stores will not open until Friday, May 8.