Bloomberg To Make Third Stop In OKC Before Primary

Thursday, February 27th 2020, 9:53 am
By: Grant Hermes

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg will make another stop in Oklahoma City Thursday afternoon as the race for Oklahoma’s delegates narrows ahead of Super Tuesday.

Bloomberg has been campaigning on Oklahoma airwaves for weeks and was recently a leader in local polls.

As Super Tuesday approaches, his lead has disappeared, which makes today's visit to Oklahoma City a crucial stop.

In News 9's most recent statewide News 9/SoonerPoll, Bloomberg and former Vice President Joe Biden are tied for first in the race for Oklahoma's Democratic delegates.

He has also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on political ads online and over the airwaves, skipping the early primary states to instead focus on Super Tuesday states across the country.

"The other candidates have spent the last year camped out in a couple of early primary states, and they've spent very little time in the rest of America and I don't think that's good for our country and for our part," Bloomberg said on his last stop in Oklahoma City earlier this month.

Bloomberg also bagged a big endorsement from former Gov. Brad Henry this week who talked about his support for the mayor with News 9 political analyst Scott Mitchell.

“I'm looking for a candidate who, for a change, is calm, level-headed, has a proven track record of working with people, of bringing people together to take on big challenges and get things done,” Henry told News 9 political analyst Scott Mitchell. “That is who Mike Bloomberg is.”

Bloomberg also named his economic plan after Tulsa's Greenwood District, the home of Black Wall Street.

However, at a recent rally, Bloomberg misidentified the district as a nearby town to Tulsa and belittled the financial importance of Black Wall Street.

His rally will be at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center at 3:30 p.m. Doors open at 3 p.m.