Metro Fitness Challengers look at the road ahead

Tuesday, May 20th 2008, 12:15 pm
By: News 9

The old saying "all good things must come to an end" need not apply to our Metro Fitness challengers. They are just three months in on a lifelong journey.

"They are well on there way to achieving a healthy weight," says Dr. Mary Ann Bauman.

Dr. Bauman goes on to say, "the good news about it is they've done it in a healthy reasonable way that can be sustained. Consistency is the key."

Integris Nutritionist Karen Massey says exercise requires a real stick-tuitiveness. "So when you look at weight loss, just know that it is a weight loss journey. You're off the blocks. You're out for an endurance course," says Massey.

Speaking as a nutritionist, Karen Massey says there will be times when the menu situation is not ideal, like going to a pot luck dinner. 

"Make the most of them," Massey says. "If everything was fried, it was a family dinner, maybe watch your portion sizes and make the most of the watermelon and the corn on the cob."

April and Josh say the biggest benefit for them during the Metro Fitness Challenge has been working with a trainer.

"When you actually start putting a prescription to it and figuring out which muscles groups to work when and what progression and stuff like that, it's that instruction that then carries over to a time when you are working out on your own," says challenger Josh Byler.

Josh is talking about the instruction instilled by Integris PACER Fitness trainer Liz Meade.

"She set forth some things that we can just follow. Keep up what she trained us to do," Metro Fitness Challenge contestant Kevin McCurdy said.

On top of that, "Both couples now have memberships to PACER, and there is really no reason that they can't exercise," says Meade.

And both couples pledge that is exactly what they intend to do.

"I'm gonna have to be the encourager for myself. You can do this! You need to do it, because I do want to lose one hundred pounds," says April McCurdy, Metro Fitness Challenge contestant.

"If over the next year they continue at the same pattern, they will be close if not there for where they want to be ideal body weight," said Dr. Bauman.

Integris Nutritionist Karen Massey says one of the problems with weight loss is that people make it an all or nothing proposition.

"I'm on my exercise program or I'm off. And with weight loss you make the most of the situation and just realize you did the best you can given the circumstances," says Massey.

"It's just one step at a time, and some days you are not going to be motivated, you're energy levels are going to be low, but there is always the next day," Integris PACER Fitness trainer Liz Meade said. "Just keep it up."

And for those people who get frustrated, "I mean look at what Kevin's gone through and what Christyn's gone through," says Josh Byler, "set obtainable goals."

Both Christyn and Josh Byler lost about one pound a week. On May 12, 2008, Christyn Byler weighed 293 pounds, Kevin McCurdy, 374.

"The chances are great I'll keep it up -- just my attitude, my moods the energy. You know, I want to keep all that going," says Kevin McCurdy.

And if they continue to work out and eat healthy for the next 33 weeks, their weight will continue to drop too.

Kevin McCurdy could lose 36 or more pounds by the end of the year. That would bring his weight down to 352. Christyn Byler could weigh 263.

"I was really encouraged by my doctor that it was a very good thing to try for a pound a week. And just keep up the good work even though it might not seem like I'm getting as big as the results as maybe some shows on TV," says Christyn, adding, "I'm definitely going to keep doing it, even though it seems like a slow process sometimes. It's going to be well worth it when I can fit into my old clothes."

April McCurdy says she is very happy with the results she has seen from doing the Metro Fitness Challenge. She lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks, weighing 263 pounds on May 12, 2008. If April continues to lose 2.1 pounds a week for the next 33 weeks, she will lose another 69 pounds. That means by Christmas she could weigh 206, just 30 pounds away from reaching her weight loss goal!

Josh Byler also says he wants to lose one hundred pounds by Christmas.

"And I want to do even more than that. I'd love to get down to 250 - 225," he adds.

Josh lost the most weight of any contender, 31 pounds! If Josh keeps it up, he will weigh 246 pounds come December. An amazing difference for someone who began to work out a year ago, weighing 350.

Moreover, both couples are not losing sight of what they hope the future brings most, a child. From day one, both couples expressed the desire to become pregnant. Dr. Mary Ann Bauman says if the couples continue to lose weight their fertility chances will also increase.

"That's what's going to keep me going," Josh Byler said. "That hundred pounds and then after that it'll be that 50 pounds. You know and just keep striving for what I want until ultimately I'm a fit daddy."