Statement released about search warrant

Thursday, March 27th 2008, 11:48 pm
By: News 9

By Mary Joseph, NEWS 9

Last September, two Edmond officers, one retired, were arrested for felony charges.

Two weeks after the arrests, OSBI was investigating the law firm of Ogle & Welch in Oklahoma City in connection to the bribery case. This week, agents removed documents from the law office. On Thursday, the firm released a statement about the incident.

Ronald Wallace, who is the attorney for Josh Welch, released a statement. In part it reads:

"There have been rumors and innuendo that OSBI raided the law firm of Ogle & Welch, which are exaggerated. Ogle & Welch provided approximately 5 to 8 documents that they had offered to provide voluntarily prior to the execution of the search warrant."

This investigation stems back to the arrest of Chris Caplinger and Andrew Andrade. Caplinger is accused of trying to bribe an Edmond police officer who made a DUI arrest. Criminal attorney Sam Kerr, who works at Ogle and Welch, represented the defendant in the DUI case.

Wallace statement also states:

"The partners confirm that Sam Kerr was suspended in September, 2007, after learning of this formal investigation against Chris Caplinger. Mr. Kerr has denied any wrongdoing and his suspension will remain in place until the investigation is completed."

Sam Kerr is the great grandson of former Oklahoma governor and U.S. Senator Robert S. Kerr.  

As for the documents OSBI took from the law firm, another attorney for the firm said the firm gave OSBI copies of six of the documents, and the firm will continue to cooperate with investigators.

Sam Kerr's attorney confirms he is suspended from his law firm, and said he is currently working in another business.