He Better Win

Friday, January 11th 2008, 5:15 pm
By: News 9

Listen, I like Tony Romo as much as the next guy. He plays the game like it's a game. Always smiling. Devil may care attitude. Swagger of a pirate on a booty hunt...speaking of which.

I am now backlashing against the Cabo backlash backlash. When it was brought up that perhaps Romeo shouldn't have been leaving the country on a romantic getaway with the playoffs looming, a tsunami of sympathy came flooding in defending America's Boy. Fans and media rushed to his defense like Bruce Bowen guarding the pick-n-roll.

I gotcha. He's got dimples and a lady friend that's easy on the eyes. But Come On! Win Something! The guy has played in one playoff game in his career and he let that one slip through his fingers. Broadway Joe enjoyed the "sights" of Miami, talked some trash, and then guess what he did...he went off and won the Super Bowl, stuck a crooked finger in the air and ran off into glory. Romo may be the biggest playboy in the League since Namath...dating starlets and galavanting around the globe. All well and good...IF YOU WIN!

I'll be more than happy to give him a pass once he proves he's not just another flash in the pan who can't deliver when it matters. Peyton got hammered for never winning the BIG ONE...until he won the BIG ONE. Stop acting like a frat boy on spring break and start acting like a pro. If Romo wants to shake the label of being a distracted bachelor who would rather chase tail than chase a title...he better win.