My 2 Cents: Should Motherhood Be An Issue In Governor's Race?

Tuesday, October 26th 2010, 11:46 pm
By: News 9

Kelly Ogle, News 9

So suddenly motherhood is off limits in the campaign?

Help me out here because my memory is fuzzy, wasn't Sarah Palin's decision to run for vice president dissected and scrutinized because she's a mother with children still in the home including a special needs child?

Certainly if you can be criticized for running for office while raising children, you can also claim that being a mother gives you a unique perspective toward  governing.

Mary Fallin, the Republican running for governor, said in a debate last week that being a mother, having children, and raising a family sets her apart as a candidate. There's no debate about that, she is the only mother in the race.

Some voters will decide that Democrat Jari Askins experience as a judge is better training than motherhood when it comes to serving as governor.

I can't believe this has even become an issue, don't really think it much is here, just the east coast crowd has glommed onto it, like the ladies on the View.

I don't know ask George Nigh, or Frank Keating. I've heard network people asking, "Is motherhood a prerequisite to be governor of Oklahoma?" Fallin never said it was a pre-requisite.

And even I've heard analysts stating that Fallin has played the "motherhood card," what does that mean? "I've been through 20 hours of labor. How dare you question my position on prison funding!"

It is Silly Season in full bloom.

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